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Think OC, Think Romell

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Ever wondered what are the steps involved in moving into your dream space? Of course you need the right space, years of savings and never-ending research. But there is another essential step that leads you from possession to actually moving in. This crucial property process in the Real Estate world is called Occupancy Certificate (OC).

This ‘Lockdown’ did your family feel short of space? Did you worry when your little ones try to run to a park to play? Did you feel like you needed an extra room to work better? Well even if you did would your new home be ready to move in, would it be safe and legal? Every dream home is only livable once it is awarded an Occupation Certificate (O.C.). s

An OC or Occupancy Certificate is a certificate issued by a planning authority certifying that the building is complete and fit to be occupied by the owners.

Why is it so important you wonder? Well an Occupation Certificate is a permission for the house to be inhabited, and without this document the local authority can initiate action against owners and developers. Acquiring the O.C. falls under the purview of the developers and is considered mandatory before giving the possession to the purchaser.

At Romell, Occupation Certificate is not something you have to worry about. Our legacy is synonymous with handing over homes with OC. Delivering Luxurious homes in Mumbai and in a timely manner has made us a brand recognized by ‘Trust’ and carved a name in Mumbai’s Real Estate Industry.

For over 2 decades and counting, We have dedicated ourselves to improve and enhnace the iconic skyline of Mumbai with successful projects that blend design with practicality and construction technology.

At Romell, we don’t just focus on creating and building unique homes, but are committed to delivering each project on time so you will be ready to move into the home of your dreams with utmost ease. Each home is delivered to our customers with an occupation certificate having being obtained making their homes stress-free and secure.

In 2019 -20, we delivered stellar projects like Aether & Grandeur – projects in Goregaon, Diva and Rhythm – projects in Malad, Empress and counting. We are committed to our promise of on-time, secure delivery and will continue to uphold our goal to ‘Think OC Think Romell’.

If you are interested to live the Romell Lifestyle, give us a call and get in touch at 7303331111

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